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    TUESDAY, 6TH APRIL 2010 Session A19 Ian Benson Co-presenter Tom Kilsby
    Aimed at: Early Years - Lower Primary – Upper Primary – Lower Secondary
    Title: The role of conceptual mathematics in primary school reform

    Session Code A16.15-17.45

    ``for our purposes, the commutative squares in the pullback and pushout diagrams pertain to statements about cognitive (sub)systems'' What do transitive inference and class inclusion have in common?, Philips et al, 12/2009, plos (pdf below)

    Download file "PLoS Computational Biology_ What Do Transitive Inference and Class Inclusion Have in Common.pdf"

    ``I believe that the biggest flaw in education is to assume that young people cannot grapple with abstraction at an early age. The whole world is an category of abstractions to children. The problem with teaching children the neat mathematical stuff that is there in the world is that there are far too few educated adults to re-enforce the ideas.''Scott Carter, 12/19/09 n-category cafe, page 6

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    For the last five years, at the request of the then Secretary of State for Education, the Tizard Programme, managed bysociality, has supported the mathematics education of a cohort of 250 young people, born this century, in 10 English schools. The programme is revisiting the mathematics curriculum pioneered by Dr Caleb Gattegno, that teaches algebra before arithmetic. Tizard has successfully reproduced the findings of a 20,000 student-year study led by teachers unions in Canada and Scotland between 1955 and 65. This presentation will discuss the UK pupils use of conceptual mathematics to overcome the market and public policy failure that led to Gattegno's math reforms in Leicestershire reverting to ``counting first.''

    About the presenters:

    Dr Ian Benson is a Cambridge mathematician and Stanford computer scientist, presently Principal Researcher for the trans-atlantic Tizard programme, and Visiting Professor at Kingston University (UK).

    Tom Kilsby is Year 6 teacher and Mathematics Coordinator at Tizard primary school, West London