Title: Co-operative Maths Reform
    Speaker: Ian Benson
    Event Date: 13/11/2014 (10:00-14:00)
    Venue: Birmingham, UK

    The 2014 mathematics curriculum requires learners to move fluently between concrete, symbolic and numerical representations of mathematical ideas. Sociality Mathematics CIC is a network of primary and secondary schools who are working together to create high quality resources to meet this end. In this session you will learn how colour-coded Cuisenaire rods are being used to teach all four arithmetic operations and fractions as operators from Year 1, and how Gattegno's "Mathematics with Numbers in Colour" serves as an introduction to computational thinking.

    Title: Using the Gattegno/Goutard approach to Cuisenaire rods to enable children to discover the structure of maths for themselves
    Speaker: Caroline Ainsworth
    Event date: 29/11/2014 (10:00-13:15)
    Venue: Manchester, UK