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    ATM 2016 Conference
    Mathematics as a Human Endeavour 
    Chesford Grange

    Session H3: Thursday 31st March 1600
    Title: Graphs, Codes, Number Systems and Gattegno
    Who: Ian Benson (ATM General Council), Anne Haworth (ATM Chair)

    The statutory entitlements for mathematics and computer science require learners to be able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas and to master computational thinking. At university level conceptual mathematics unifies the study of algebra, geometry and logic. We have developed a set of exercises that apply conceptual mathematics to meet these new entitlements. In this session we will show how to apply this approach to Gattegno's early algebra. Gattegno uses Cuisenaire resources to teach all four arithmetic operations and fractions as operators in Year 1. We compare our approach to other ways of meeting the 2014 curriculum aims.


    Windmill Cluster of Schools
    City Heights e-Act Academy
    Workshop Session: Monday 4 January
    Title: Getting Started with Early Algebra
    Who: Ian Benson, Suzanne Spencer

    The Cuisenaire resources are increasingly popular in primary schools as a means of introducing learners to the relationship between numbers, both whole numbers and fractions as operators. Caleb Gattegno popularised Cuisenaire's invention and wrote a series of influential textbooks that taught algebra before arithmetic, using colour code names for the rods, and naming virtual actions, and patterns made with the rods with algebraic writing. We have integrated the Cuisenaire-Gattegno approach with the 2014 National Curriculum to create algebraFirst™ software tools and a curriculum unfolding. In this workshop you will learn about how our approach meets the key aim of the new NC - that pupils and teachers can "move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas."

    For information on booking please email pporter-mill at sudbourne dot com and follow @windmillcluster on twitter