Cuisenaire-Gattegno Course 2017


    Location: Fox Primary School, London
    Dates; Tuesday 25 May, Thursday 8 June; Thursday 29 June, Time: 13:30-17:30
    Facilitators: Jenny Cane, Lorraine Hartley, Ian Benson

    The use of concrete manipulatives is essential in developing conceptual understanding in mathematics. One common, but at times underused, resource is Cuisenaire.This series of sessions aims to support Year 2 teachers and/or KS1 Maths Co-ordinators in using Cuisenaire to explore mathematical structures and relationships. In addition to the face to face sessions which will include demonstration sessions with a group of learners, we encourage participants to work with other teachers in between the sessions, observing each other at their schools. All resources and activities created during the sessions will be shared with other teachers within the hub.