Early Algebra Event Nov 15/16


    Facilitator: Rachael Rudge
    Location: Kesgrave High School (15/11) Tudor C of E Primary Academy (Sudbury) (16/11)
    Time: 13:30-16:00

    The Norfolk & Suffolk Maths Hub are running a FREE 2 day course looking at introducing and developing algebra in Key Stage 1 classrooms. The course is being run by Rachel Rudge who started on this workgroup with the Maths Hub in 2015/2016 and is continuing this further this academic year. The course will be based on introducing Cuisenaire rods and the concepts of equivalence, addition and difference and how to write equations using the letters to represent the rods and the plus, minus and equals sign. There will be a gap task followed by a second event in February. This will feature feedback from teachers on the gap task and will look at the concepts of multiplication, division and fractions as operators using the rods. The rods will be assigned numbers for the second session.

    Download file "CPD sessions.pdf"