Stories Conference March 15

I presented my work at the STORIES (Students’ Ongoing Research in Education Studies) an annual two-day conference for graduate students. You can read about the conference here. My presentation went well and we had an interesting debate in the Q&A session about why Cuisenaire rods are not being used more in UK schools today to teach deep conceptual understanding to young children.

Download file "s225_14.02RaRu031717Storiesppt.pdf"

Suffolk Maths Hub course

Looking forward to running some Early Algebra courses for Suffolk teachers next week using Gattegno's Textbook 1 and Cuisenaire rods.
Download file "CPD sessions.pdf"

Background readings for Nov 15/16 events

Teachers interested in reading more on the background to the project can download the following extract from my recent Masters thesis "Action research using Cuisenaire rods to develop the concept of equivalence with Year 1 children." Other relevant materials can be found on other blogs on this site.
Download file "RaRuDissertation.pdf"